President’s Column

My name is Paul Fong, your past president of the AFT 6157. I recently retired from my teaching position at Evergreen Valley College on August 31, 2020. Shortly after my retirement, we lost our Founding President of the AFT 6157R Retiree Chapter, Bill Jacobs. I can say that Bill was a mentor of mine since […]

A Reflection On This Past Year (and a half)

By Philip Hu, AFT 6157 Executive Director As I sit here, sipping my coffee on a “Lionel Ritchie” Sunday morning, watching a few hummingbirds buzz about the honeysuckle vine in my yard, I am thankful for the down time, and a slow, easy day ahead. However, this has not been the norm for the past […]

Futuris Board Report

By David Yancey The April 2021 meeting of the Futuris Retirement Board Of Authority (RBOA) meeting took place on April 21, 2021 via Zoom. If I were writing this for a room full of economists, this opening line would be exciting and their ears would perk up and off we could go. But we are […]

Greetings from Dan McElroy

Greetings everyone: Here is the latest and greatest from your fellow ‘retiree’ in Cottonwood, CA. I am surrounded by land, lizards, deer, snakes, buzzards and whatever else comes around. Actually, I’m only semi-retired. I started teaching again after a 6-month delay to satisfy the STRS post-retirement waiting period. When I retired in 2015, I started […]