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Yuen Designs

By Ron Levesque. In the fall of 2018, President Bill Jacobs invited Susan Yuen to lunch in Japan Town and included board officials Walter Soellner and yours truly Ron Levesque. Bill had known Susan from her time working in the AFT 6157 office on the SJCC campus.

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Nancy Pyle photo

Remembering Nancy Pyle as a tenacious San Jose politician with style

By Sal Pizarro (Bay Area News Group). When you envision former San Jose City Councilmember Nancy Pyle, who died last Friday at age 85, you may immediately think of the stylish outfits that earned her a reputation as the best-dressed member of the council during her tenure from 2005 to 2013. But to only remember her that way would be a disservice to the tenacity she showed over decades of service.

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RBOA (Retirement Board of Authority) Report

At the Membership Meeting of December 7, 2023 Patrick Butler gave an update on behalf of Jessica Breheny and David Yancey, who serve with him on RBOA. Patrick has been seeking to fully understand how the funds that this board oversees are accounted for.

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Group photo - Africa 2023 trip

Africa 2023

 by Patrick Butler, and some photos by Karen White We had fully booked the same trip we just completed back in 2020, but COVID put

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Prez Sez – Spring 2023

By Paul Fong. Completing my first two-year term has been exciting to me as your president. I was very fortunate to have Walt Soellner as vice president and Ron Levesque as the treasurer. Their service on the Executive Board is greatly appreciated by me and members of the AFT 6157R.

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AFT 6157-R Convention Report March 17-19, 2023

By Kathy Jasper. When Paul Fong was unable to attend the California Federation of Teacher’s convention in San Francisco this spring, I was lucky to be selected to represent our local.  I got to hear about the many ways the California Federation of Teachers (CFT) is working with their retirement community.

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Legislative Update

By Kathy Jasper. A big thank you to California State Senator Dave Cortese who authored California Retired Teachers Association’s (CalRTA) Senate Joint Resolution 1, which calls for the US Congress to repeal the Windfall Elimination Provision and Government Pension Offset (WEP/GPO).

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