Building Community Via our Website

Working with consultant Susan Yuen, the Retiree Chapter has established our very own website, We wanted to get away from the intensive and paper-wasteful mailing we have conducted for over 10 years, and we wanted to communicate more directly and with immediacy with you our members. With the demise of our union award-winning newsletter, Faculty Matters, in 2017, we felt a loss of the sense of community that the newsletter engendered. We opted to create our own online newsletter. The website empowers us to strengthen our links with you. There, you can find the minutes of our membership meetings and our financial reports. Just recently, we have added an option for members to submit articles for the newsletter. Look for the blue button to the right. We publish the newsletter each spring and each fall. In the future, we will announce a submittal deadline by which to send us your article, which will be about two weeks before the newsletter comes out. You may submit creative writing if some of you are working on poems or short stories, or works of art (photos), journal entries, essays, opinion pieces, biographies, ancestry discoveries. Please participate to help enliven our newsletter.

What should we name our newsletter? Any ideas? Submit your ideas to us and the Board will select a winner and award a prize.

Our membership is voluntary and dues are $50 annually. To facilitate your paying dues, we have just set up a green PayPal button at the website, above the button for newsletter submittals. The account is linked to our bank account and security is very tight. If you have a PayPal account, just use it. If you do not and do not want one, use PayPal as a guest by clicking on one of the credit cards at the very bottom of the page. Also, the personal information you enter, allows us to update your contact information with your payment. Your credit card information is not revealed to us or to the bank.

We also have established our own email account. It is . Use it to reach us with your questions, concerns, and greetings.