Our farmworkers are being sexually assaulted and poisoned on the job

Why aren’t we helping them? By Ann Aurelia López Source:  Lookout Santa Cruz, November 29, 2022 Summary: Thousands of female farmworkers are regularly being assaulted, groped and raped in Santa Cruz County fields, without consequence, argues Ann Aurelia López, executive director of the Center for Farmworker Families. The women regularly call López for help, but […]

The Early History of Our Union

By Patrick Butler Before The Rodda Act was passed in 1976, faculty were forbidden from forming unions, and representatives of the Academic Senate of San Jose Junior College (as it was called then) met directly with the Governing Board and college administration to set salaries and teaching loads. The day-to-day operation of the college and […]

Greetings from Dan McElroy

Greetings everyone: Here is the latest and greatest from your fellow ‘retiree’ in Cottonwood, CA. I am surrounded by land, lizards, deer, snakes, buzzards and whatever else comes around. Actually, I’m only semi-retired. I started teaching again after a 6-month delay to satisfy the STRS post-retirement waiting period. When I retired in 2015, I started […]

Why the Union?

By Jeanne Machado Coming from a family whose parents were public servants, I felt paying union dues was unnecessary. When I was hired as an instructor at San Jose City College in 1966, I remembered my father, a detective-inspector who had never joined a union, had retired with an unbelievably good retirement package. When others […]

Retiree Prez Sez – April 2020

April 22, 2020 I’m sure you all have some interesting stories to tell about this memorable time; I know I do. I could tell you about discovering 3 inches of water in my basement and half of my house electrical system going on vacation—both on the same day and having nothing to do with each […]

Retiree Prez Says – Nov 2019

Sometime in the summer of 2006, Barbara Hanfling, Mark Newton and I were sitting in my backyard enjoying a beer and talking about AFT6157 and other related items. Having been retired for two years from the ranks of the full-time teachers, I had been reflecting on the well-being of my fellow emeritus colleagues, of whom […]

Retiree Prez Sez…

This is the first column to the members of AFT6157R (retiree chapter of the faculty union of EVC/SJCC) in our new digital format. A great deal of discussion preceded our decision to go digital. The stereotype of senior citizens who don’t use computers or have email addresses was evoked. The question of whether anyone would […]