Prez Sez – Winter 2022

This is my second year as president of the retirees of the AFT- 6157. It is indeed an honor to be the president, following our great leader and founder Bill Jacobs. It is in his legacy that I serve as the president of the retirees.

President’s Column – December 2021

Kudos to the negotiating team and leadership of AFT 6157, our main union, on your achievements in the recent round of bargaining, especially for securing dedicated funding for associate faculty pay parity, and for stronger SRP (seniority rehire preference) protections. When I was elected to my second term as union president in 2018, I said […]

First Annual Survey about Health Benefits for Pre-1982 Hires

By Ronald Levesque During October one particular retiree group was invited to complete a health insurance survey. Retirees who were hired before September 7, 1982 receive medical insurance through the District for themselves and a spouse. This group is unique in having this benefit, which was negotiated in a collective bargaining agreement, the last time […]

SJCC Celebrates 100 Years

By Alice Gosak San Jose City College’s Centennial was marked by two events during September. On Monday, September 13, a morning event was held on campus while classes were in session. The timing explained the absence of faculty and classified staff from the program. Dignitaries from the City of San Jose and Santa Clara County […]

Sign Up for SJCC Centennial Events!

San José City College enrolled its first class of 86 students on Sept. 12, 1921. Since then, SJCC has been a beacon of education and opportunity for generatons of families in the Santa Clara Valley. Join us to celebrate SJCC’s extraordinary role in transforming the educational, economic and cultural life of our community. San José […]

President’s Column

My name is Paul Fong, your past president of the AFT 6157. I recently retired from my teaching position at Evergreen Valley College on August 31, 2020. Shortly after my retirement, we lost our Founding President of the AFT 6157R Retiree Chapter, Bill Jacobs. I can say that Bill was a mentor of mine since […]

A Reflection On This Past Year (and a half)

By Philip Hu, AFT 6157 Executive Director As I sit here, sipping my coffee on a “Lionel Ritchie” Sunday morning, watching a few hummingbirds buzz about the honeysuckle vine in my yard, I am thankful for the down time, and a slow, easy day ahead. However, this has not been the norm for the past […]

Futuris Board Report

By David Yancey The April 2021 meeting of the Futuris Retirement Board Of Authority (RBOA) meeting took place on April 21, 2021 via Zoom. If I were writing this for a room full of economists, this opening line would be exciting and their ears would perk up and off we could go. But we are […]

Greetings from Interim President Walter Soellner

We all wish each other happy, safe times again soon, and at this time of year, with Thanksgiving just past and the Holidays fast approaching, it is a good time to reflect on our individual lives and that of our family and friends. It has been my duty to step in as Interim Pres, on […]

Greetings from Incoming President Paul Fong

This is my statement for the office of President to the AFT 6157-R, Retiree Chapter.  I recently retired from full time teaching and as the President of the AFT 6157.  With the passing of our longtime retiree chapter president Bill Jacobs, I feel that I have an obligation to Bill Jacobs to take this on, to […]