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Pacific Northwest Retreat

By Sterling Warner. From the Evergreen foothills in San Jose, California to the Olympic Mountains near Union, Washington, my exodus from higher education proved difficult initially, but the right move at the best time.

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Group photo - Africa 2023 trip

Africa 2023

 by Patrick Butler, and some photos by Karen White We had fully booked the same trip we just completed back in 2020, but COVID put

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Alice Gosak: Global Citizen

The teaching career of Alice Gosak in English as a Second Language, spanning the years 1980 – 2006, gifted San Jose City College with an experienced multiculturalist, who was deeply sensitive to the experiences and needs of our immigrant students.

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Interview with the Author – Walt Soellner

Walter Soellner, the novelist, whose latest book is ‘How Soon the Flowers Fall’, announces its release date: May 18th, 2022. He says, “It’s a comfort to have book four now in print, with only the fifth book in my five-book series yet to finish writing.

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Ann Lopez at Distribution, Photo by Steve Herrera

Follow up on Ann Lopez

By Ron Levesque Feeding Terrified Farmworkers Following up on the article about the Farmworker Families program of Ann Lopez in our Spring 2019 newsletter, I

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