First Annual Survey about Health Benefits for Pre-1982 Hires

By Ronald Levesque

During October one particular retiree group was invited to complete a health insurance survey. Retirees who were hired before September 7, 1982 receive medical insurance through the District for themselves and a spouse. This group is unique in having this benefit, which was negotiated in a collective bargaining agreement, the last time such a benefit was granted. These retirees are insured either in Kaiser Permanente or Anthem and this is underwritten by the District. Yet, their needs have not been reviewed in many years.

Led by our current representatives on the retiree board, RBOA, the district Retiree Board of Authority, Patrick Butler and David Yancey, our Retiree Chapter seeks to review and enhance the benefits of this unique group. AFT 6157 President Jessica Breheny has also taken up this cause. We hope to negotiate with the District on behalf of these retirees. The survey is intended to inform us what the retirees themselves think of their health benefits. Thirty-five retirees responded, eleven who are with Kaiser and twenty-four who are with Anthem. The following pages summarize their responses and suggestions. AFT 6157-R will use this information to guide us in seeking improvements in the health care of these pre-1982-hired retirees. Thanks to the retirees who took the time to respond to our questions.

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