Greetings from Incoming President Paul Fong

This is my statement for the office of President to the AFT 6157-R, Retiree Chapter.  I recently retired from full time teaching and as the President of the AFT 6157.  With the passing of our longtime retiree chapter president Bill Jacobs, I feel that I have an obligation to Bill Jacobs to take this on, to keep the legacy of Bill Jacobs alive and with us for some time to come. I believe I can hold our membership together and provide the services that our retirees require.

I served our main Union with distinction and maintained the influences of AFT-6157 in the larger world. I will do the same for our retiree chapter.

  1. I will need the assistance of all of you to make this a successful endeavor.
  2. I look forward to your participation. We can provide support for the AFT 6157, too.



San Jose/Evergreen American Federation of Teachers AFT 6157, past President
Political Science Professor
Evergreen Valley College