Meet Treasurer Leslie Rice

by Leslie Rice

Lesile Rice with a stingrayGreetings to all. For the many people who don’t know me, I am Leslie Rice, a fairly recent retiree from SJCC ESL. I have been elected treasurer of our retiree group for the upcoming two years. I will not be able to reach the level of Ron Levesque, who has gone above and beyond as treasurer for more than six years, but I will do my best. Thank you so very much, Ron, for all of your work and for your help during this transition. My main interests right now are enjoying more time with my family and friends; traveling; playing pickleball; and trying to keep up with current events.

I am looking forward to meeting many more of you great retirees from our district and working with the other members of AFT 6157R’s Board. I wish everyone a joyous holiday season and much good health, happiness, and peace in 2024.