Miscellaneous Announcements

from Kathy Jasper

1. CalSTRS Extends Data Breach Coverage

Last year, STRS membership information was compromised. In order to make sure members did not suffer, members could choose to have free credit monitoring for one year. CalSTRS has lengthened the monitoring period to 24 months. The 24 months will be based on the date each member signed up. The 12 additional months will be automatically added to each account after the sign-up period closes on October 31, 2023.

Members who have already signed up for credit monitoring do not need to call CalSTRS or Experian.

2. AFT Membership Benefits

Take advantage of the many membership benefits available to you through AFT.
AFT Retired Member Benefits.

3. CFT Resolution Against Privatizing Medicare

Learn more about CFT Resolution: Stop the Privatization of Traditional Medicare – Abolish ACO Reach.