President’s Column

My name is Paul Fong, your past president of the AFT 6157. I recently retired from my teaching position at Evergreen Valley College on August 31, 2020. Shortly after my retirement, we lost our Founding President of the AFT 6157R Retiree Chapter, Bill Jacobs. I can say that Bill was a mentor of mine since our Academic Senate days in the late 1990’s. So in order to keep Bill’s legacy strong, I decided to seek the presidency of AFT 6157R Retiree Chapter. Thank you for the honor of serving you retirees.

Most recently, as of 6/21/21, I was elected by all of our union brothers and sisters to be the President of the South Bay Labor Council, representing over 100,000 union members in Santa Clara County and San Benito County. This is indeed an honor for me to reach the pinnacle of the labor movement in the South Bay.

In our retiree chapter, we have a strong executive board of Vice President Walter Soellner, Treasurer Ron Levesque, Secretary Dan McElroy, and yours truly as President. If you have any questions regarding the union activities or other retiree concerns, feel free to contact me at

Paul Fong