Prez Sez – April 2024

by Paul Fong

We just finished a good campaign season with the South Bay Labor Council (SBLC), where we assisted Betty Duong in leading all candidates for the Board of Supervisors. Leslie Rice, Kathy Jasper, and I did some phone banking for the SBLC to support Betty Duong. Other candidates fared well with the assistance of the SBLC too. Our affiliation with the SBLC is close with two members of our Executive Board also serving on the Executive Board of the SBLC. Kathy Jasper was recently elected to serve on the Executive Board replacing Jessica Breheny. I, Paul Fong, also serve as a Trustee on the Executive Board. It is great to belong to such an influential group such as the SBLC promoting candidates that promote working families.

Kathy Jasper has been working hard as our Secretary of the Retiree Group scheduling an outing for our next meeting. It will be at Almaden Lake Park, where our Union AFT-6157 had our picnics for the past 6 years. This is a place we cannot forget, at least not yet. So I will be seeing most of you there on May 10, 2024.

Leslie Rice has hit the ground running as our new Treasurer of the Retiree Group. She has a good grasp of everything needed to do her job. Welcome Leslie, your contributions are greatly appreciated. With Walt Soellner serving as our institutional memory, we are a good working board on your behalf. We are still working on retiree health benefits for those who started in our colleges before 1982.

We have attended CFT’s Retiree Chapter Convention frequently and have stayed on top of what the State CFT Retirees are doing.

Many thanks go out to Ron Levesque, our past Treasurer of the Retiree Group. Ron did a behemoth job while being the Treasurer of the Board. He made sure things were legal and timely. Ron’s attention to detail was very impressive. We will sorely miss you, Ron. The best of luck to you in your retirement.

We are here to serve you, the Retirees of the AFT-6157. Write to us for what you see as improvements in our operation on behalf of our membership. We accept all constructive criticism.