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Below are some common links that are posted on the AFT 6157 website.  Many of them are still very relevant for retirees like us.   For example, did you know that we retirees retain free membership in the California Federation of Teachers (CFT) and the American Federation of Teachers (AFT).  If you wish to continue your subscription to CFT’s California Teacher magazine (now online)  for free, just sign up at the website.  When I did, I needed to submit my old member ID and since I retain my card, I was able to provide it.  Even if you no longer possess your card, CFT should be able to find you listed under your teaching institution from the years you were employed.  You can also sign up for news bulletins from both organizations.  Also, you can keep up with and participate in the activities of retiree committees and groups. Retirees remain eligible for many of the discount benefits that current teachers are offered, including in insurance, travel and more. Those of you who want to follow the work of the District Retirement Board, the group that oversees the Futuris Trust Fund, which was established in 2007 to ensure long-term funding for the medical benefits of eligible retired employees, need only access the District website and click on this link:

For any questions about your medical plan with the District, contact Human Resources Benefits Coordinator Michelle McKay. Email: or call 408-270-6444.
Ronald Levesque, Membership (posted on October 14, 2019) Useful Links San José/Evergreen Community College District Associations
  • FACCC – Faculty Association of California Community Colleges
  • CPFA – California Part-time Faculty Association
  • CFT – California Federation of Teachers
  • AFT – American Federation of Teachers
  • Labor Council – South Bay AFL-CIO Labor Council
  • Labor Federation – California Labor Federation, AFL-CIO
  • AFL-CIO – American Federation of Labor and Congress of Industrial Organizations
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